Kateřina Slípková

6. 9. 1953, Plzeň

She exhibits from the year 1972 and she showed her artworks in Chomutov, Olomouc (Line, Colour and Shape, 1991), individual exhibitions in gallery in Klatovy / Klenová (Repetition, 2003) and in Gallery of Pilsen City (Triad , 2005, catalogue), together with K. Monhartová and M. Nová. She took part also in the exhibition project Cubism Responses in Pilsen (the Gallery of Pilsen City, 2001, catalogue). She exhibited together with other Pilsen artists at the exhibition Pilsen Foam in Pécs and Olomouc (catalogue). She showed her work also in Belgium at the year 2006.
Š Artotéka města Plzně