Václav Sika

19.4.1955, Domažlice

Since 1993 he has been a member of the Union of Fine Artists of the Pilsen Region. He deals with painting, drawing, computer graphics and object creation. He is employed as Head of the Spillers Brothers Gallery in Domažlice.
Václav Sika lives in the Industrial District of Kdyňa on the southern edge of Chodsko, where he has an underground studio in one gray block. Perhaps it explains why he deals with nature in his work and why his paintings and objects are so colorful: just as in nature and art, he tries to escape from hard everyday life ...
Also at the beginning of Sika's path to modern expression was landscape painting, which was cultivated and taught by Pilsen painter Jiří Patera, who influenced a number of artists in the Pilsen region.
Sika is very popular with cycles - besides the popular triptych, this is an extensive series of up to 12 shots that change the basic theme. Sika is not an innovator but, on the other hand, does not use any mechanics. Everything he gets and has for himself has a logical justification in his previous work, and that applies to these "abstract" paintings. The very principle of the game in its objects has long been present. This corresponds to the fact that the nature and richness of its shapes is understood dynamically, as an open, unstoppable structure that can be perceived as aesthetic quality. It is a nature that never happens again.
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