Awards from the Artoteca Fund

1st June Award

In accord with the Statute of Pilsen City, the 1st June Award commemorating public resistance of the inhabitants of Pilsen City against totalitarian regime at the year 1953 (Day of the first ring) is awarded to the artists for an important contribution to the clarification and enforcement of the principles of democracy, freedom and justice and for the consistent defence of human rights and freedom by means of public press, radio and television.

The award can be granted for the long-term journalism activities and for the systematic promotion of the above-described principles even for the individual works that contribute significantly to their understanding or to the enforcement of the principles of democratic legal state.

1st June Award consists of the traditional symbol of the Day of the first ring, which is a small bell with the inscription "1st June Award" , and of material gift, which is usually artwork from the fund of the Artoteca of Pilsen City.

The following artworks were given to the prize winners of the 1st June Award during the years 1996 - 2005 from the collection of he Artoteca of Pilsen City:

Artwork nameAuthorYear of awardPrize winner
Wave MotionMiroslav Tázler1996Roger Scruton
GateJiří Patera1997Jefim Fištejn
Drawing III.Jarmila Dytrychová1998Adam Michnik
CalvaryMiloslav Čelakovský1999Vilém Prečan
Birds lifeMilan Hůrka2000Ota Ulč
Drawing I.Jarmila Dytrychová2001Petra Procházková
BeamsHelena Vendová2002Jan Šibík
PietaVladimír Líbal2003Jaromír Štětina
GargoyleJaroslav Zapletal2005Ivan Medek

Other awards from the fund of the Artoteca of Pilsen City:

Award Design of the year 1997 - Birds´life II., author - Milan Hůrka

Award Interior of the year 1998 - Beams, author - Helena Vendová

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