Ladislav Světlík

5. 3. 1937, Plzeň - 27. 1. 1981, Plzeň

Ladislav Světlík did not basically exhibit during his life. The general public only had a chance to acquaint itself with his works in greater detail long after his death, namely at an independent exhibition in the Jiří Trnka Gallery in 2007, which was organized by the Union of Visual Artists of the Plzeň Region on the initiative of the artist’s brother, Zdeněk Světlík. Ladislav Světlík became one of the reinvented personalities of Plzeň’s visual art at the exhibition Other Reality. Magic Realism and Imaginative Art in Plzeň held in 2008 by the Gallery of the City of Plzeň. In the exhibition catalogue bearing the same name, the works of Ladislav Světlík have been summarized to the widest extent up to now.
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