Miloslav Čech

11. 9. 1945, Zruč

Miloslav Čech after studying at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, in the studio of doc. L. Vacek, focused on the used painting in architecture, Miloslav Čech returned to his native Plzeň area. His distinctive talent allows him to work not only in the field of classical painting, drawings and illustrations, but also in particularly demanding wall art. From the eighties to the present he has created a number of remarkable architectural realizations, such as at the University Hospital in Pilsen, in the Czech National Bank in Pilsen, for the building of the West Bohemian University in Pilsen. Together with V. Kotyza, he created a large fresco on the house shield in Křižík's orchards with the theme of Pilsen historical personalities. His painting works has been regularly exhibited at home and abroad since 1981, for example in Slovakia, Germany, Poland and Japan. It also deals with magazines and book illustrations. In addition to classic oil and acrylic painting, he is one of the few contemporary artists to encaustic.
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