Jiří Patera

11. 12. 1924, Praha – 24. 2. 2003, Plzeň

He has got his independent exhibitions from the end of the fiftieth in Pilsen. He participated at the member exhibitions of the Union of Czech Artists (later the Union of Artists of Pilsen Region) and creative groups (Contact) at the same time. He showed his artworks repeatedly abroad (mainly in the countries of the former socialistic block from the end of the sixtieth, but he has got the exhibitions of his artworks also in Germany). He has got the joint exhibition together with B. Losenický (see here) in Karlovy Vary. His individual exhibition at Gallery in Klatovy / Klenová at the year 1994 was very important. He became a key personality of the exhibition project Colourism – Jiří Patera and his school in Pilsen (the Gallery of Pilsen City, 2003, catalogue).
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