Josef Ladislav Jícha

7.11.1934 Pilsen - 18.8.2021 Pilsen

After graduating, Josef jícha studied at the Pedagogical Institute in Pilsen, then remotely graduated from a two-year school of journalism in Prague. He received his art education privately with Pilsen painters, such as František Koliha or Jaroslav Krátký, in Prague with Miloš Klesl.
In applied graphics, he created a number of promotional and information posters for social and cultural events, graphic sheets, calendars, ex libris, drawings for children, as well as photographs. His artwork is characterized by decorativeness, color, poetry, a sense of fine humor. He also devoted himself to book illustrations, his paintings include paintings for social spaces and schools in Pilsen. In the last decade, he has created a monumental set of paintings with religious motifs.
He regularly participated in exhibitions of applied graphics and ex libris and member exhibitions.
Since 1981 he has been a member of the Association of Collectors and Friends ex libris, a member of the SČVU and UVU of the Czech Republic, in 1991 he was selected as the Man of the Year 1991 (American Biographical Institute) and included in the publication Who's Who (International Biographical Center, Cambridge).
His work owns museums and galleries in Italy, Poland, Holland, Belgium.
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