Jiří Novák

1.2.1925 Podebrady - 21.6.1994 Pilsen

During the Second World War, he trained as a glass painter in the Poděbrady glassworks, after the war he studied artistic glass design in Nový Bor and worked in the chandelier design n.p. Borocrystal as deputy leader. In 1949 he was admitted to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design under prof. Kaplický and became a student of the first specialized year of art glassmakers with a monumental focus. During his studies, he also won prizes from the Ministry of Education in interfaculty competitions. After two years in the Army House in Mladá Boleslav, he joined the J.K.Tyla Theater in Pilsen in 1959 as the head of the painting and stage designer.
In his freelance work, he focused on scenography, landscape painting and figural themes. In the 1950s, he exhibited his work at Czechoslovak glass shows at home and abroad - Brussels, Venice, Milan, Moscow, he had exhibited independently in Pilsen since 1962, he also participated in SČVU exhibitions and exhibitions of creative groups.
His work is represented in the collections of the West Bohemian Museum and in the West Bohemian Gallery.
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