Jaroslav Votlučka

12.5.1913, Plzeň - 16.6.1996, Plzeň

Jaroslav Votlučka studied Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague and at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (1932-36, Oldřich Blažíček, Cyril Bouda, Karel Pokorný, Jaroslav Horejc). He worked as a high school and later college teacher of art education in Pilsen. Since the beginning, he has been continuously engaged in independent work focused on ceramics, plastic and graphics. From 1935 he was a member of the ZSVU (farmer Union of Fine Artists). Together with the authors of B. Holakovský and V. Koukolíček, in 1960 he became the author of the fountain in Smetana's orchards in Pilsen. His work is represented in the collections of the West Bohemian Museum and the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen. He is the author of the Vendelin Budil plaque in Plachý street in Pilsen.
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