Václav Sika

19.4.1955, Domažlice

Since 1993, he has been a member of the Union of Fine Artists of the Pilsen Region. He focuses on painting, drawing, computer graphics and the creation of objects. He ran the Špillar Brothers Gallery in Domažlice for 21 years.
Václav Sika lives in the industrial Kdyně on the southern edge of the Chodsko region, where he has his basement studio in a gray block of flats. Perhaps this explains why he deals with nature in his work and why his paintings and objects are so strongly colored: as if in nature and in art he was looking for an escape from the unkind mundaneness of life…
Also at the beginning of Sik's journey to modern expression was landscape painting, of the kind cultivated and taught by the Pilsen painter Jiří Patera, who influenced a number of artists in the region. Although Sika did not go to his famous courses and met him only a few times, it was enough to direct him to a relaxed modern painting. After 1985, he painted for about two years in his style, but then - unlike many of Pater's epigones - he realized the dangers of false imitation and set out on his own journey.
Sika likes to develop her motifs in cycles - in addition to the popular triptych, they have recently been an extensive series of up to 12 paintings, in which she varies one basic theme. Sika is no innovator, but on the other hand he doesn't take over anything mechanics. Everything he arrives at and what he discovers for himself has a logical justification in his previous work, and this also applies to these "abstract" paintings. After all, it is the principle of the game that has been present in its objects for a long time. He corresponds to the fact that he understands nature and the richness of its shapes dynamically, ie as an open, constantly over-buying structure, which one can perceive as an aesthetic quality. It is nature that never repeats itself.
Since 1990, he has organized more than 50 solo exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and the USA. He participated in another fifty joint exhibitions not only in the Czech Republic and participated in a number of symposia and plein airs. In 2015, he published an autobiographical book "Memories".
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