Marek Škubal

22. 5. 1986, Plzeň

He lives in Dýšina near Pilsen. From 2002 to 2006, he studied at the Private High School of Applied Arts Zámeček in Pilsen, specializing in stone-making, in 2006 he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague to the sculpture studio prof. J. Zeithamml, he stayed in Graphics I, Prof. J. Lindovský in 2010 and Taipei National University of Arts in Taiwan in 2011. In addition to the traditional figurative themes he applies mainly in drawing and sculptural portraiture, he is interested in the bizarre world of nature, especially insects, ants, mantis, but also worms, spiders and other animals. Inspiration was also made by music (he plays the flute himself), which, as the most artistic art, is an example of the use of abstract morphology - especially geometric - in his own sculpture. An important part of his work is the drawing and graphic design, the traditional eastern calligraphy,he illustrated several books, and he participated in the production of animated films. He participated in a number of exhibitions and competitions, such as exhibitions of SOCHAři in the Masné krámy of the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen (2006), the International Biennale of Drawings in Pilsen (2008 and 2010), Graphics of the Year 2010, Clam Galas Palace, Prague (2011), exhibitions Figurama 2007 a 2009, international sculpture symposia in stone, e.g. in Arnbruck, Germany (2009) and Selb (2010). He has also performed a number of works in the public space, such as Memento, the atrium of the Monument Institute in Pilsen (2007), Zoomorf-geometric entomological composition, the park of the Psychiatric Hospital in Dobřany and others.
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