Josef Hrubý

10. 5. 1932, Černětice u Volyně - 19.7.2017, Plzeň

A poet, translator, participant in art life, studied at a business school and documentary at Prague's FAMU. He worked for the last time as director of the Regional Library in Pilsen. In 1969, he was removed from office for political reasons. Later, he worked in heritage care until he retired. Between 1968 and 1988, he was banned from publishing, and his works were removed from libraries. In the 1960s, he founded the literary group Červen (June), following these years with Fr. Fabian contacts with German writers (Volker Braun, W. P. Schnetz, Reiner Kunze, Hanns Cibulka, H. Böll, G. Grass, etc.) The prompted anthologies of German, Austrian and Swiss poetry were stopped in the press. After 1989, Josef Hrubý was one of the founders of the West Bohemian Writers Center. Since then he has also been a member of the Bureau of the Czech PEN Club in Prague. He is also a member of the European association KOGGE, the international association RSGI etc. He is the author of sixteen collections of poems and more than twenty bibliophilic prints, which he published with leading graphic artists (Cyril Bouda, Karel Demel, Vladimír Suchánek, Oldřich Kulhánek, Ludmila Jiřincová, Jiří Brázda, Přemysl Rolčík and others). The poetry collections were translated into German (8 collections), French (3 collections), other books were published in Dutch, Italian and Arabic. The poems in the anthologies also came out in Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, English and Chinese. Josef Hrubý has participated in several poetry festivals (Macedonia, Slovenia, France, Colombia, Slovakia etc.). He has held numerous readings at home and abroad in the last twenty years. His art activities include the Contact Group and P 89, at home and abroad exhibiting collages. Josef Hrubý also translates Slovak and German poetry. Book translations of books by G. Droogenbrot, R. Wall, M. Janacs, Fr. Brandl, M. Chobot and others. The author is the winner of many literary awards: Magnesia litera, West Bohemian Prizes, City of Pilsen Awards, Polan's Prizes, etc.
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