Josef Vališ

7. 2. 1929, Plzeň - 26. 9. 2010, Plzeň

He graduated from the Higher School of Applied Arts in the field of stage design. The main focus of his artistic activity was scenography, painting and restoration. He worked mainly in theaters in Zlín, Ostrava, Kladno, Prague and in Pilsen, he had the beginnings of the famous spectator turntable in Český Krumlov, and he was guest in many other scenes as a stage and costume designer. Cropped options of work in the time of normalization have more to bind Josef Vališ to his own free creation. He drew, painted, made graphics and wooden sculpture. In the Pilsen Gallery of Jiří Trnka he exhibited in 1994, 1999 and 2004, foreign exhibitions took place, for example, in Maribor or Lisbon.
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