Slavěna Jandová

7/2/1941 Pilsen

She has been involved in textile art all her life - especially hand-knotted and woven tapestries, bobbin lace, batik, painting on silk, designer clothing and textile accessories.
For more than 45 years she has also been working on non-woven woolen tapestries - aradekor, which was created in Kdyňské spinning mills in the 1960s. She developed the possibilities of this special art technique from the very beginning, she liked to experiment and also created aradekor three-dimensional works, actually textile sculptures.
After studying at the Faculty of Education in Pilsen, she founded a textile studio at the ZČU, which she ran until 2011. She finds inspiration for her work mainly in nature and foreign regions. Her visit to Iceland had a great influence on the creation of many works.
She has presented her extensive work at many exhibitions abroad - in France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and regularly participated in EU exhibitions, textile symposia and TEXTIL exhibitions.
Her work is represented in private collections at home and abroad.
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