Jan Havlic

27.6.1938 Pilsen - 29.9.1990 Pilsen

Academic painter Jan Havlic was born in Pilsen in Slovany, where he became friends with another famous Pilsen native - Karel Gott - from an early age. From childhood, they both painted well, eventually Karel Gott became a famous singer, Jan Havlic stayed with painting. After high school, he continued to study art education at the Faculty of Education in Pilsen, but did not complete his studies. From 1967, he devoted himself fully to art work - concentrating on landscape painting, views, still lifes, as well as figural painting and portraits. His works are characterized by an expressive character, relaxed handwriting, flexible developed line.
He also created aradekors, ceramic and glass mosaics.
He participated in a number of member exhibitions of the SČVU, realized a number of author exhibitions
Not only in Pilsen.
His work is represented in the collections of the Central Bohemian Gallery in Prague, the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen.
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